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About Us
About Us

Midwest Pain Center is an interventional pain facility that focuses on back and neck pain. With many years of experience and knowledge, Stephen G. Smith, MD has been practicing since 1994 and has two convenient locations in the St. Louis area. Dr. Smith has been practicing in Chesterfield since 2002 and in North County since 1994. He is on staff at St. Luke's Hospital and DePaul Hospital.  Our clinical staff consists of Board Certified RN's and Board Certified Radiological Technologists. 

Our Goals:
Maximum results with the minimum amount of treatment
Relieve pain and restore function
Avoid or limit the patient's need for medications
Prevent or significantly postpone the need for surgery

Our Community
Our staff is not only dedicated to the wellbeing of our patients, but also the Community.  We
support many local charities including Healing Grace, Angel Arms, The Down Syndrome 
Association, and A NewCornerstone.
Our Team

Stephen G. Smith, MD

Dr. Stephen Smith is board certified in pain management by both the American Board of Anesthesiology and the American Board of Pain Medicine. He is also board certified in anesthesiology. Dr. Smith received his medical degree in 1987 at University of Alabama in Birmingham. His residency training was at Louisiana State University and St. Louis University hospital.

Beginning as an attending anesthesiologist at St. Louis University Hospital in 1994, Dr. Smith's primary focus was pain management. He was recruited in 1996 to direct the Pain Management Department at Christian Northeast Hospital and he remained there for 10 years. Dr. Smith opened a pain management clinic in Chesterfield in 2002 and a second clinic in 2006 in the North County area. He is currently on staff at DePaul and St. Luke's Hospital.

Lisa Smith, Nurse Practitioner, RN, MSN, NP

Lisa has been a nurse since 1986. She received her Medical-Surgical Masters degree in Nursing from St. Louis University in 1992. Her background includes several years of clinical care including general surgery and cardiovascular recovery, and neurosurgery/trauma intensive care unit from 1986-1991. From 1991 through 1997 she worked as research coordinator on 3 separate studies federally funded by National Institute of Health. One of the NIH grants was funded for 7 million dollars. She was co-author on several research articles and author of a chapter in a nursing textbook. In 2001 she began working in chronic pain management and has assisted Dr. Smith in the opening of 2 pain management offices located in Chesterfield and in North County. She completed the nurse practitioner program at Maryville University in 2006. Currently she is clinical director of Interventional Pain Center of Chesterfield Surgery Center and Depaul Pain Management Center.

Clinical and Office Staff

Dr. Stephen Smith, Medical Director

Lisa Smith, Clinical Director, RN, MSN, NP-C

Julie Abell, BSN, Smantha Elder, BSN, Kristin Hunter, BSN,  Nancy Sansone, BSN, Susie Teibel, BSN, Lakeelah Whitfield, BSN Nursing Services

Jim Conrad, RT(R), Kerry Laird, RT(R) and Kelly Pickering, RT(R) Radiology Services

Rebecca Hackett, Business Office Manager

Heidi Helton, Medical Transcriptionist

Pam Collins, Medical Billing Specialist

Angela Hedges, Front Desk Coordinator (North County)

Sonya Hankins, Front Desk Coordinator (WestCounty) 


"I have suffered for many years with low back pain caused by a bulging and ruptured disc. Dr. Smith took the time to fully diagnose my situation and gave me a clear understanding of my treatment options. After my first injection I began to experience relief from my low back pain. By the third injection I was pain free and back on the golf course! Thanks to Dr. Smith and the awesome staff at Midwest Pain Center I have avoided back surgery and am back to leading my life pain free!" -P. O.

"Must say the shots are the best thing I could do! I am able to sleep at night which gives me a much better quality of daily living. And the staff are amazing!"

-R. M.

"The last shot relieved so much of  my pain. I am not in nay pain and  I can walk without limping or having to stop and rest my leg." - D. G.

"For everything you've done, for being the special people that you are ... thank you so very much.  You are all a great group.  If I don't come back, I have been blessed by a Great Dr. Smith and his staff. Thanks to all" -Betty.

I have been dealing with lower back pain for 20 years. My orthopedic surgeon's partner gave me several injections from 1196-2008. They were very painful and seemed like it took forever.  Then in 2009, I switched to Dr. Stephen Smith and have been a patient since. His injections are quick and almost painless. When he's finished, I always say that's it, nothing to it. So glad I found Dr. Smith." -J. H.

"Knees feel great. Treatment is really working. Best I've felt in over a year.  Thanks Dr. Smith and staff." -S. W.

Must say the shots are the best thing I can do. I am able to sleep at night which gives me a much better quality of daily living and the staff are amazing!


"Thank you Dr. Smith. You have a first rate practice.""All of the staff was pleasant and professional.""A caring MD and a great, great staff."

"3 months ago I injured my knee by hyper-tensing.  Being a physician, I thought I could handle the injury myself. RICE (rest, icing, compression, elevation). I took my arthritis meds and applied RICE treatment for 2 and 1/2 months. My pain worsened and worsened until I could no longer perform my ADL's.  I pessimistically agreed to see my husband’s pain management doctor.  To my absolute amazement, within 24 hours my knee was back to normal.  For a minimally uncomfortable knee injection, I am now able to perform my tasks without any limitation.  Thanks Dr. Smith and your team, you are the best!" -M. M., MD